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You know you’re a serious TV addict when you can relate to all 10 GIFs in this gallery! How many were you able to relate to?

All of them, oh my god..

*cough*Game of Thrones for last one*cough*

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Brushie brushie appreciation post

one day this will get 20k notes it will be my greatest achievement 


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You start with something pure, something exciting. Then come the mistakes. The compromises. We create our own demons. Of course, there are people who say progress is dangerous. But I’ll bet none of those idiots ever had to live with a chest full of shrapnel.

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Theoretical Half-Blood/Muggleborn Discussions

  • Muggle Parent: Your room is filthy! Do they let you get away with this at your school?
  • Kid: Actually, little elves come in the middle of the night and tidy up.
  • Muggle Parent: ...
  • Kid: ...
  • Muggle Parent: Are you fucking with me?


Paying them with checks so you have a paper trail of proof is the most effective method. If you don’t have a check, witnesses are just as good. Also make sure to never apologize after an accident. It can be used in court against as an admission of guilt.

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no but kids from pureblood families going through embarrassing weaboo phases except they become obsessed with muggle pop culture

5th years carrying around pink razr phones from 2004 and awkwardly inserting “text speak” into daily conversations

11 year olds carrying plush carebears backpacks into transfiguration

everyone of them using outdated muggle slang incorrectly, making all of the muggleborns wince in pain

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